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Bev and James Go On A Date (Details Inside!)


In June, I asked who wanted to date Bev.  Bev is looking for a single guy in the GTA and I thought I might be able to set something up via this blog.

Since then, she's been on dates with two Toronto Mike readers.  First, there was Christopher.  You can read all about her date with Christopher.

Last Friday, she met James, a long-time commenter in these parts.  Here's what James wrote about his date with Bev.

It started badly I'm afraid . I was late . Not the best way to impress. Aside from that I get nervous when I'm late. Also not so impressive. And as i had ridden my Motorcycle across town in 30 Degree heat. I was soaked when i got there. And that makes me nervous too. Also not so impressive I'm sure.
However Bev was very Gracious and understanding. Which did calm me down somewhat . Thank you Bev.
Bev, what do I say about her? First I think she is better looking in person than in the posted Pics. She is articulate and great to talk to . Kind of guarded though. She knows a LOT more about me than I know about her. We did not follow the script i had written in my head.I thought I'd find out a little more about her and what's she up to in her life.  I did not expect to blabbing on and on about bikes but that's where we ended up. Once you get me started it's very hard to get me to stop.
While I  felt she was guarded ( Not a bad thing considering she was meeting a strange and potentially nutty  guy off the internet) I also felt she was genuine. Or maybe real is the word to use. I did not find out what makes her passionate ( Mind out of the gutter please I'm not talking about that!) I did sense she's very committed to what she does and has a good sense of who she is. I wish I had  been that self aware at 30.
So we spent a little more than a hour together chatting and I had a good time. She wants to ride so we have that in common at least.  Would I date her again? Yes absolutely. Would she date me? I don't know . I'm significantly older than she is so probably not on that note  alone. But you never know.
As for the experience of meeting somebody in this way? Awesome I'm glad i met her. We may get together to talk about Homeopathy at least in the future. And it was just fun for me to get out there.

Was there a love connection?  Let's see what Bev had to say...

James was a good person to talk to, felt comfortable chatting with him. I respect he's quite aware of things going around him. Its always good to see men keep that intact. Love that he knows a lot about motorcycles. He'd be a great teacher on that. perhaps one day i'll be part of the bike club:) I do not see myself dating him but would appreciate a friendship.

This is tougher than I thought it would be.  We're 0 for 2 and I'm not sure I feel like going 0 for 3.  Sorry, Bev.

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