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Who the Hell Was Jason Frasor?


This entry isn't for the die-hard Jays fans.  If you still watch them daily, and check the box scores each night, wait for the next entry. That one might be about Bev and her new date tomorrow night...

This entry is for the casual Blue Jays fans, or those who were die-hards during the World Series years, but haven't kept up as life got in the way.  To those folks, I have to say something about Jason Frasor.

On July 17, 2011, Jason Frasor made his 453rd appearance for the Blue Jays, passing Duane Ward to become the team's all time appearance leader.  That's right, Jason Frasor holds a significant Jays career record, and all that time he flew nicely under the radar.  Can you pick Frasor out of a lineup?  Did you ever get excited about Jason Frasor, consider buying your nephew a Frasor jersey or attend a game because it was Jason Frasor bobblehead day?  Of course not, that's silly.  It's only Jason Frasor.

Yesterday, Jason Frasor was traded to the Chicago White Sox with Zach Stewart for Mark Teahen and Edwin Jackson.  Jackson was later included in a deal that got us Colby Rasmus, but you already know that.

Over 450 appearances in a Blue Jays uniform and this is the first instance of "frasor" on this blog. Thanks for years of workmanlike, but unremarkable solidity, Jason.

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