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What The Hell Are You Doing to the Blog, Mike?

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My brothers think my blog sucks now.  I don't know if I agree with them, but it has been over nine years of following the exact same format. That's 10786 entries I've thrown down, and the risk is a long, sad fade...


Rust never sleeps, so it's time to shake things up a bit.  You've likely already noticed the first change.  After 10786 entries authored by yours truly, I've shared logins with five others.

You've already seen entries from three of the five.  Funny commenter Ryan G (who I've never met) posted an essay on the weirdness of it all, the infamous Bev wrote about her trip to Jamaica, and Humble Howard contributed a very interesting article about how he's dealing with being fired from his morning gig on Boom 97.3.

I mentioned five others have writing permissions on this blog right now.  I'm going to wait for the last two to post something so it will be a surprise.  Is it Argie? Is it OJ Boy? Is it Dan Duran?


Having new authors has created one little wrinkle with my Twitter account.  New blog entries automatically update the RSS feed (as they should) and the RSS feed automatically generates a new Tweet from my @torontomike account.  That likely spooked a few friends and family members when they saw this:


If you're wondering, I'm going to continue to do my thing, there'll just be a few additional authors over here.  I've edited the HTML so it clearly tells you who the author of each entry is, so you'll know whose words you're reading.

And I may add more authors, so let me know if you'd like your own login.  After all, I'm shaking things up over here.  I have 10786 reasons to try something new.

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