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Getting Fired....again.

A few thoughts on getting fired.
Getting fired has made me fat. And lazy. I'm just barely able to bother writing a few line for Mikey Mike's little blog.
I miss being funny every day. Getting fired has made me think less and worry more but I'm out of the practice of making fun of shit on a regular basis.
I don't talk as much. Maybe that's a good thing.
Getting fired is good in that I am spending a great Summer hanging out more with my kids but I'm also counting down the days till the Fall when I really should be doing something for a living.
I'm sure that I will never work again.
I'm sure that I will.
Then I'm not sure some more.
Getting fired has put me in touch with some remarkable and interesting people. It has also put me in touch with some people I'd never have anything to do with if I still had a job and didn't need to suck up to them for some video thing.
I am not working on the Radio but I do work quite a bit for someone with no regular gig. I shoot corporate videos and I'm working on some TV production stuff but I'm not doing what I'm meant to and that always leaves us fired-folk out of sorts.
I miss my friends in the biz but I don't miss some of the people who run the biz. Some of them are mean and they fired me.
The strange quirk of Radio is that the people who know the most about resonating with an audience are on the air and being managed, for the most part, by people who sucked at it and therefore became "managers."  They wanted to perform but couldn't so they get to tell the people who can how to do it. This is why Radio is no longer very much fun to listen to.
I will be back on the air again. But that air maybe different.
Getting fired has reminded me that I'd much rather be Not-FIred even though sleeping in past 4am is pretty sweet. Maybe I could figure out a way for you to hear me again without having to get up in the middle of the night.
Maybe I already have.
Maybe It's just wishful thinking.
Getting fired gives you a lot of time for that.

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