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i'm full

i've decided that it's ok if i never have a shot ever again.

i'm talking about a dirty shot of booze. that's right. a jaegger-bomb, or a tequila, or a black sambuca.

not long ago a bachelor party was thrown for me (even though i didn't want one, but that's another post).  every five minutes it seemed there was a new glass of nastiness in my hand, and although i certainly could have turned them down, i consumed them all. after all, you're not a real man if you turn down a shot right? anyway, i think i had 8 -10 of these vile things.

no big surprise here, but the next day i was a complete wreck. it started off with the usual grogginess and disorientation, lead to severe grumpiness and dizziness, and concluded with nausea and a consistent need to be horizontal. i also felt very hot all the time and absolutely nothing could make me feel better. again, no surprise here because i had essentially poisoned my entire system....and my system was entirely pissed off.

and this wasn't the first time of course. over the years, i'm sure there have been hundreds of shots consumed (thousands?), and with the same result usually. so, seeing as the party was a send off to my bachelor-hood, i am happy to officially proclaim an end of the need to consume dirty shots.

drinking them in a high-octane party setting seems to be a rite of passage, an experience one goes through to take the game up a notch. but since i've been at this game for a while, i truly think i've had my fill.

and i know what you might be thinking. but,  it's not that i'm  getting old - the next day's results are.

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