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Phone Karma

Our friend, Toronto Mike, was infamous for carrying around a brick of a phone. His Blackberry was once one of the original pager models RIM produced back in 1999 but it worked for him. He then graduated to the ‘newer’ model that was heavy enough to use as a substitute for the bag of sand you keep in your truck to keep your car from fish-tailing in the snow. For that, and more, we loved to make fun. I mean, really, the guy knows his way around Al Gore’s ‘Net better than 98% of us yet using antiquated technology was no big deal.

It provided me with hours of material.

Karma sucks.

First, the ball on *my* Blackberry fell out. -1

Then, I borrowed my wife's old Blackberry from our trunk and threw out my back carrying it around. -2

I got a new one issued from my new employer. I was happy with my free phone for six months and then I decided to quit that job so back to my wife's old Blackberry. -3

I was back to carrying the equivalent of George Costanza's wallet. Adding insult to injury, the speaker and antennae were broken so I couldn't actually receive a call or connect to a data source unless it was wifi. 3G? I couldn't even get 1G. -4

I’m now onto a new borrowed BB until September. At least this one works. -4.5

I don’t own a phone for you to make fun Mike…you’ve won again, dammit. -100

So what do I do next? Should I buy the Blackberry 9900 or the iPhone 4s or 5 or whatever they call it?

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