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What Happens to the Poo at the High Park Zoo?


I've written about the High Park Zoo before.  If you're looking for deer, llama, various sheep and goats, yaks, bisons, peacocks and more, why drive all the way to the Meadowvale Road and 401 and spend a fortune?

The kids and I were checking out the aforementioned deer, llama, various sheep and goats, yaks, bisons and peacocks, and noticed some new signage, including an answer to the question you've likely asked yourself countless times.  What happens to the poo at the High Park Zoo?


The zookeepers collect the poo every morning and take it to the manure pit.  Once a week, the poo is collected by a large tractor and taken to a compost pit in the High Park service yard.  There, the poo is left to break down or decompose. The poo is turned so the air can reach to the middle of the pile, and is then left to continue decomposing.  The finished product is called compost and is rich in nutrients.  It is then used in the gardens and flower beds of High Park to make the plants grow.

Personally, I think that story is full of shit.

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