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Finding Good Alt-Rock Radio


Now that we're drowning in sports radio in this city, with TSN Radio competing head-to-head with Sportsnet Radio, let's figure out our alt-rock problem.

Many of us used to get our alt-rock fix from 102.1 The Edge, but today that won't always do the trick.  Digger wants to hear from you as to what your favourite alt-rock stations are, online, terrestrial, satellite or other.

 April 9, 2011 / 10:36
@ Irvine: A big thank you for recommending Vancouver's The Peak. I think they're already on my "A list" for streaming online (kind of the equivalent of earning a button on the car radio).
When I am at a computer, which is pretty much all day at the office, I refuse to listen to local radio, as there is so much out there - it just needs to be discovered.
Hey Mike, how about making this sort of thing a topic for one weekend? It seems to be that there are a lot of alt-rock fans here. We could post links and a short comment on our favourite alt-rock stations that we stream online.

What great alt-rock station have you discovered?

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