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Fan 590 Should Be Wary of TSN Radio


We first discussed TSN Radio 1050 back in February, and now it's here.  I've been listening off and on the past few days, and I think The FAN 590 should be worried.  TSN Radio sounds like a force to be reckoned with.

I really like the Mike Richards show in the morning.  It sounds superior to the Brady and Lang show, in my opinion, and I also liked what I heard from Bryan Hayes and Steve Kouleas.  I have concerns about the syndicated content, from Dan Patrick, but what I heard today was pretty compelling.

The problem with syndicating American shows will arise when a Toronto team returns to the playoffs.  If the Leafs were in the first round right now, the appetite for Leafs coverage would be insatiable.  Dan Patrick will be off talking about the NBA and NFL labour issues and the TSN Radio audience will just want to hear about the lines Wilson worked in practice and the game tonight.  Radio works best when it's local.

Having said that, TSN Radio isn't The TEAM.  They'll leverage their television advantage and present a real challenge to The FAN's offerings.  Except for Prime Time Sports, which I suspect won't be damaged by the arrival of James Cybulski and Company, it's going to be awfully interesting.

Have you folks listened to TSN Radio yet?  What did you think?  Is The FAN in trouble?

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