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Dire Straits Faggot Line Was Censored in Grade 7

Dire Straits Faggot Line Was Censored in Grade 7

I'm amused by news Money for Nothing by Dire Straits has been deemed unacceptable for play on Canadian radio.  Many moons ago, when I was in grade seven, my teacher ran this program where one kid a day would bring in a song and discuss the lyircs with the class.

I distinctly remember Marc S. bringing in Dire Strats' Money for Nothing.  Our teacher tore a strip off of him because of the use of the word "faggot" in the lyrics.

I remember thinking the use of the word faggot was okay because the song received such frequent play on MuchMusic and on the radio.  Everyone knew you couldn't swear on the radio!

Well, it turns out Mr. I was ahead of the curve.  You can no longer say faggot on the radio... at least not in Canada.

By the way, Marc S. didn't get in nearly as much trouble as Kris L. who dared bring in Paul Revere by the Beastie Boys. Mr. I. said "rap isn't music" and I'm pretty sure he literally kicked Kris out of class that day.

Times have sure changed.

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