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Never Use MSN Messenger Again


When it comes to instant messengers, I'm a Gchat kind of guy, but a lot of people I need to chat with seem to be married to their MSN Messenger.

I hate using MSN Messenger, so I don't.  But I need to chat with these MSN Messenger folks, so what's a guy to do?  Here's how I roll when it comes to MSN Messenger chatting without touching the MSN Messenger.

Introduce Yourself to Meebo
I was trying to figure out when I started using Meebo for instant messaging, and this entry has me pretty certain it was 2005.  That's a pretty long time for a slice of SaaS.  Meebo is the last stage of my personal IM evolution.

Simultaneously log in to multiple IM protocols and chat in your browser, using Ajax effects that mimic an installed app.  Give Meebo a try and you'll likely never open MSN Messenger again.


Add the Meebo Notifier Google Chrome Extension
I was looking for a nice desktop notifier for messages via Meebo when I found this extension.  It does the trick nicely, and gives me a convenient auto-login that makes accessing Meebo from Chrome extra easy.

Add the Meebo Cleaner Google Chrome Extension
This extension is super simple.  It simply removes the ad bar at the bottom of Meebo's interface and closes the blog window when you log in.  It cleans things up nicely and enhances the experience.

So there ya have it.  Chrome + Meebo + Meebo Notifier + Meebo Cleaner = Chatting with MSN buddies without having to open that damn MSN Messenger.

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