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Bose SoundDock II Suckage


Less than two years ago, I picked up a Bose SoundDock II digital music system.  It's how I play my music at home.  I pop on my iPod and it sounds great.

At least it sounded great.  All of a sudden, it stopped making a peep.  There no audio, and yes, I've done quite a bit of trouble shooting, introducing a second iPod and ensuring there's power getting to the unit.

It was a pretty expense device, and important to my quality of life, so getting less than two years out of it is disappointing to say the least.  I called Bose today to ask about my options.  They troubleshot it a little more, came to the conclusion it was busted, and told me they could fix it for $115 + taxes and shipping costs.  Or, for a little over $200 + taxes and shipping costs, they'd send me a new one.

I don't want to buy a new system, I just want the one I have to work.  I realize my one-year manufacturer's warranty has expired, but it's a high-end Bose, and I expected better.

Consider yourselves warned.

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