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Jury Duty

jury duty

I've been summoned to jury duty.  Tomorrow morning, at 8:30, I have to show up at 361 University Ave., Room 167.  I'm told it's my civic duty.

I know where I'm supposed to be at 8:30 tomorrow, but not much else.  I have no idea when I'll be dismissed tomorrow, or whether I'll have to be there all week.  The letter I got says I'll be there for one week minimum, but I'm hoping that's an empty threat.

I'm not yet a juror.  I'll be a member of a "jury panel", a large group of people from whom one or more juries will be selected. I'm a potential juror who hopefully won't be chosen as a juror.  I'm too busy to think about that.

I promise to blog about this process in great detail, because at least one of you might be curious.  I'm going in completely cold.  This should be interesting...

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