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Least Inspiring Toronto Mayoral Race Ever

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I don't know if it's because we're in the middle of a very busy, hot summer, but from where I'm sitting this is the least inspiring Toronto mayoral race I can remember.

The simple fact this is the first I've written about this election to choose Toronto's new mayor since Rob Ford announced his candidacy tells you a great deal.  That was March 16th.  Since then, I haven't been motivated to write a single word about an election taking place October 25, 2010, except to chew Rocco Rossi out for his Sympatico spam.

Last I checked there were 34 candidates.  They are:

  • Achampong, Rocco
  • Andrews, Don
  • Babula, George
  • Ball, Christopher
  • Barton, Andrew
  • Campbell, Douglas
  • Castillo, Jaime
  • Clarke, Kevin
  • Cole, Keith
  • Cottle, Charlene
  • Firth, Selwyn
  • Flie, Michael
  • Ford, Rob
  • Ghazi, Abdullah-Baquie
  • Gomberg, Howard
  • Hossain, Monowar
  • Lee, Dewitt
  • Letonja, John
  • Macklin, Carmen
  • Magee, Colin
  • McMillan, Jim
  • Pampena, Joseph
  • Pantalone, Joe
  • Rossi, Rocco
  • Smitherman, George
  • State, Mark
  • Steinberger, Tibor
  • Syed, Himy
  • Taylor, Phil
  • Thomson, Sarah
  • Vallance, David
  • Wadhwa, Ratan
  • Walker, Daniel
  • Yeung, Sonny

In reality, our next mayor will be one of the following: Rob Ford, Joe Pantalone, Rocco Rossi, George Smitherman or Sarah Thomson.  You already know what I think about Rob Ford, but none of the other four leading candidates inspire me, either.  If George Smitherman wins, it's not because he ran a stellar campaign.  It's because he was the best of a bad lot.

Who would you vote for in this 2010 Toronto mayoral race?

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