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FAN 590 Suggestion: Turn to Gold


Well, that happened fast.  Last Tuesday, I wrote that big changes at the FAN 590 were imminent.  On Wednesday, we were tossing around ideas for the new FAN 590 morning show.  By Thursday, just about everybody outside of Prime Time was gone.

According to sources, the departed include morning co-hosts Don Landry and Gord Stellick, mid-morning host Mike Hogan and news announcer Rick Ralph. In addition, Jack Armstrong’s mid-afternoon show has been killed, though Armstrong and co-host Eric Smith may remain on staff.
Rogers Sportsnet’s Daren Millard, host of the noon hockey show, has been replaced by Greg Brady. Millard will likely return to a full-time job at Sportsnet.

That's right, even Gord Stellick got the boot.  Stellick seemed like such a staple at the FAN, I didn't think he'd ever be let go.

The FAN 590 will hang on to their all-sports format, I'm sure.  But if they ever decided to think outside that format, they may want to step into the 590 time machine and turn to gold.

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