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Ann Rohmer Quits CP24


Ann Rohmer, a face you know best from City TV where she was host of Breakfast Television and an anchor at CP24, is leaving her role as host of CP24 Breakfast in mid June.

After 31 years in broadcasting and 25 years at 299 Queen Street West, Ann Rohmer has decided to hang-up her microphone mid-June, CP24 announced today. Rohmer is currently host of CP24 BREAKFAST, HOT PROPERTY, and ANIMAL HOUSE CALLS, in addition to her duties behind the anchor desk. Rohmer will remain the special guest host of ANIMAL HOUSE CALLS on CP24 and Animal Planet but has taken a position outside of the broadcast industry. Rohmer will break the news to her viewers Thursday morning on CP24 BREAKFAST.

They're spinning this as quite the amicable split, claiming Ann is quitting her job.  I ain't buying it.  This announcement reeks of spin doctoring and I'd bet my bottom dollar Ann was pushed.

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