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Throw the Snake a Barilkosphere Triumph


This is a great day for the Barilkosphere.  Last night, following Keith Yandle's goal for the Phoenix Coyotes at home against the Detroit Red Wings, a Coyotes fan threw a snake on the ice.  Here's the photographic evidence of this epic moment in Barilkosphere history.


You're probably wondering why I'm giving the Barilkosphere credit for this act...  @felixpotvin a.k.a. Chemmy from Pension Plan Puppets is the man responsible for this thrown snake, as he used the power of Twitter to essentially invent a movement to combat Detroit's octopus throwing tradition.  As it unfolded in real time before my eyes on Twitter, it was fast and furious, but it seems Chemmy wanted Travis Hair from the Coyotes blog Five For Howling to throw a rubber snake on the ice.  The Coyotes organization responded in an unfortunate humourless and passionateless manner, promising to eject anyone who dared try such a stunt.

Despite the Coyotes' best efforts to squish the snake, I heard references to Throw The Snake during the game last night and Hockey Night in Canada mentioned it as well.

If you're going to a Coyotes home game during the playoffs, throw the snake.  Just do it.  The Barilkosphere insists upon it.

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