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How to Win a Stanley Cup in 1993


It all started when I appeared on The Team 990 in Montreal.  I casually mentioned that the Montreal Canadiens and Toronto Maple Leafs would win the same number of playoff games this season.  That's when Metric Julie jumped in and challenged me to a bet.  Listen below.

Then, we established the terms.  If I won, Metric Julie had to sing the refrain from "The Leafs Are The Best" on The Team 990.  If I lost, I had to post a Habs tribute video on this blog.

Somehow, against all odds, I lost this bet.  Montreal beat Washington in game one and now I need to do what Wendel would do.  Wendel would never welch on a bet.  Wendel would suck it up, embed the damn video, and publish that shit like a man.

This is for you, Wendel.  Oh... and Metric Julie.

p.s. ALL HEART is over here, if you need to wash that taste from your mouth.  I know I'll be spending the rest of the playoffs watching it on a continuous loop.

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