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Relax? You Relax! The Star on Crosby's Gear


Maybe I shouldn't check my RSS feeds when I'm in a fighting mood.  The headline in my Google Reader ticked me off.  From The Star's hockey feed, "Relax, Canada: Crosby's Gear Found".


It's the "Relax, Canada" part that really boiled my potatoes.  This whole anxiety over the whereabouts of Sidney Crosby's missing stick and glove was completely manufactured.  I skipped every article on the subject and never once felt inclined to write about it.  Crosby scored the golden goal, giving this nation a moment we'll never forget, and I don't believe one Canadian gives one iota what happened to the gloves and stick her threw into the air.  I sure didn't.

I clicked through the "Relax, Canada" headline and noticed the actual article on The Star's site was changed.  "Relax, Canada" was preserved in the page's url, and cached in my Google Reader, but gone from sight on the actual page.


Relax, Star... we could give a shit about the gloves and stick.  It's your condescending tone that's got me all riled up.

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