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RBI Baseball Was My Favourite


I've always made lists.  Top 10 this, Top 5 that... I've been making lists for as long as I can remember.

Back in 1989, I made a list of my top ten video games at the time.  I know this because I still have this list in a box collecting dust in my basement.

Here's that exact list, as I wrote it out that day over twenty years ago.  RBI Baseball led the way.  I played it on the old 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System.

  1. RBI Baseball
  2. Blades of Steel
  3. Super Mario Bros 3
  4. Ice Hockey
  5. Sprint
  6. Tetris
  7. Punch Out
  8. Zelda
  9. Wonderboy
  10. Motocross Maniacs
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