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Comment Spam Spike - How to Detect Blog Comment Spam


I've been running blogs on the Movable Type platform for years.  Over that time, I've witnessed the ebb and flow of comment spam.  Anyone who manages a blog is familiar with comment spam and has a strategy implemented to fight it.

I've detected a comment spam spike over the past two months.  In my efforts to fight comment spam, I moderate any comment that contains a keyword on my blacklist, and I carefully maintain this list.  Still, comment spam finds a way.

Thankfully, it's easy to detect comment spam.

1. Only comment spam compliments the design of your site.  I can't tell you how often comment spam tells me "great design" or asks "how do I get that theme?".  Comment spam is my biggest fan.

2. Only comment spam thanks you for writing the "article".  Comment spam makes you feel like Ernest Hemingway for creating an abundance of genius prose.

3. Comment spam always agrees with your opinions, no matter how ridiculous.  I just saw one that read "I do not generally comment on blog posts but I had to drop by and tell you thanks for writing this, I fully agree and hopefully folks will see where you are coming from."  I think comment spam would make a great friend.

4. Regular people have names like Paul, Sam or Abigail, or handles like Big Bruce, Cynical T or Top Dawg. Comment spam comes from folks named "free pharmaceuticals", "double neck bass guitar" or "lost weight fast".

5. Comment span is usually left on completely irrelevant entries from years and years ago.  That comment on why Paul Martin should send the DART to help with the tsunami relief is probably comment spam.

I hate comment spam, but it's nice to hear from those who like the design, agree with my thoughts and are grateful I took the time to write it.  Even if they're named free-online-poker or enhancement pills.  Beggars can't be choosers.

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