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What is the Going Rate for Nostalgia?


I recently wrote about my dusty old Rawlings Fernando Valenzuela glove.  It's the best baseball glove I've ever used and I used it for years and years until it eventually fell apart on me.

Dana in Seattle left a comment on that entry this past weekend.  Here's what Dana wrote:

I have the same model glove for sale.  I think I purchased it new in 1993,  Found your site as I was searching for its value prior to placing it on Craigs List.  I used it for one softball season and then stored it.  In excellent condition.  Can provide a photo if you are interested.

Naturally, I was interested. The photos proved it was in fact my beloved Rawlings Fernando Valenzuela glove and it was in great shape.


Next came the negotiation.  How much was this old glove worth to me?  After shipping, how much would Dana charge me?  I wanted the glove, but at what cost?

The cheapest Dana would go, believe it or not, was $150 USD + shipping costs.  Is that really the going rate for an old ball glove?

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