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Ready for Google’s Chrome OS


I have an old laptop primed and ready for Google's Chrome OS.

Sources have told TechCrunch that the new Google OS will become available for download within a week.

We expect Google will be careful with messaging around the launch, and endorse a small set of devices for installation. EEE PC netbooks, for example, may be one set of devices that Google will say are ready to use Chrome OS. There will likely be others as well, but don’t expect to be able to install it on whatever laptop or desktop machine you have from day one. Google has previously said they are working with Acer, Adobe, ASUS, Freescale, Hewlett-Packard, Lenovo, Qualcomm, Texas Instruments, and Toshiba on the project.

Ok, so I likely won't be installing it on my old laptop next week, but it's getting closer.  Here's what I wrote following the announcement from Google that they were developing an OS, something I've been hoping for.

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