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How the Heat Freed Up My Weekend


It's unseasonably warm in these parts.  I don't think we're supposed to have double digit highs in late November.  This heat has totally freed up my weekend.

You see, I had a pretty busy weekend planned.  This morning I had Learn to Play Hockey with my daughter, this afternoon I had to take my son to his hockey game, tomorrow morning he has a practice scheduled and then there's a whole bunch of other stuff planned around the rink sked.

When your kids play in the world's largest outdoor hockey league, double digit temperatures put a serious kybosh on everything.  They simply can't keep the ice at Rennie Park when it's this warm, so both games and the practice have been cancelled.

That opened things up for me quite nicely.  I got my chores out of the way early so I could enjoy "Anvil: The Story of Anvil".  A review of that gem is coming soon.

I've got to wrap this up.  I've got bonus free time on a Saturday and that's pretty damn sweet.

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