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Maple Leafs 4, Capitals 6


I watched this entire game, and let me tell you this final score was very flattering.  What I saw for two periods was a team with skill exposing us as for the hacks we are.  Ovechkin looked like a man playing against boys and there was nothing we could do to stop him.

Where was the pugnacity? Where was the testosterone? Where was the truculence and belligerence? And when the highly skilled opposition lacks a player interested in dropping the gloves, how helpful are those traits without a single player with 2/3rds the talent of Washington's #8?

Although I'm not willing to necessarily blame Vesa Toskala for last night's loss, one thing is clear.  It's time to try The Monster in the #1 slot.  Tosky's .800 save percentage this season aside, we all know there's no playoff hope with him as the starter.  We don't yet know that's the case with The Monster.

Let's find out.

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