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Free SaaS I Use Daily


It's a busy Thursday, but I've got a couple of minutes so I'm going to tell you about a few web-based services I use on a daily basis.  All of these can be used for free.

I'm going to skip services like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or Linked In and stick with more SaaS-type services.

Google Analytics
I manage several websites, and track metrics for each of them.  Google opened up GA to the public in the summer of 2006 and now I'm wondering how I ever survived without it.  I used to pay actual money for sites that did a worse job than GA and GA is complete free.

If you manage web sites, or even a single site, you've got to implement GA.

Flickr is the only site I pay for that is strictly for personal use.  I host all my photos on Flickr, and even a bunch of videos.  Flickr is free but you're limited, so power users will want to get the pro version.  It's worth it.
On Twitter, I use shortened URLs, due to the 140 character tweet limit. enables me to track click-thrus via Twitter.  I can see which tweets get the most traction and which go viral.  Conversely, you learn pretty quickly which tweets nobody gives a shit about.

Instant messaging is the new email.  Haven't you heard?  I use to do all my instant messaging in the browser.  You simultaneously login to Yahoo!, Gchat, MSN, Facebook and more.

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