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My 8 Days with a Smart Fortwo


I made the trip to Mercedez-Benz this morning to return the smart fortwo passion coupé I've been driving for the past eight days.

You really need to test drive a smart fortwo to appreciate its agility.  During the past week I've fielded dozens of questions about how it drove on the highway, whether I felt safe and how it drove different than a normal sized car.

I'll answer those big three questions here, but first, here I am driving the smart fortwo.  Yes, driving a smart fortwo will cause facial hair to sprout from your chin.  Sorry, ladies.


As for those questions... The smart fortwo drives perfectly fine on the highway.  At 120km/h it felt completely stable and smooth and I never hesitated to take it back on the highway throughout the week.

I honestly always felt safe.  It handled very well, was extremely agile and, while I was driving, it felt no different than a standard sized car.  You never look back to notice the lack of back seat or trunk.  It felt great.

It was tough to say goodbye to the smart fortwo because it was incredibly fun to drive.  It's certainly not practical for a family guy, but I could see myself in a smart car if I needed a second car for myself and jetting around the city, getting to work and back.

Here she is...

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