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Canada's First Rogers Batteryless


While we're on the subject of Toronto radio station call letters that meant something, I just learnt CFRB stands for Canada's First Rogers Batteryless.  Those call letters date back to 1927, but all that history doesn't mean much in 2009.  Astral Media will now promote the station as Newstalk 1010, leaving CFRB off the marquee.

The station recently let go 12 people, and this week they unveiled a new lineup. Bill Carroll is out as morning man, being replaced by John Moore.  In the afternoon drive slot, John Tory is taking the mic.

Admittedly, I don't listen to CFRB Newstalk 1010, so I'm likely not their target audience, but I can't imagine there's a mass populous yearning to hear John Tory on their drive home.  Jim Richards, a host I know to be pretty damn funny, would make more sense.

As for branding, I think they should go back to their historical roots. Canada's First Rogers Batteryless!

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