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I had a good chat with my buddy Elvis this morning, about Martin Streek, suicide and mental health.  We were debating whether someone of sound mind and body can consciously decide to end their life without mental illness playing a role.  It sounds so rock n' roll, the whole "better to burn out than fade away" thing, but it's such a final, drastic step.  It's always darkest before the dawn, and when you lose that perspective, you need help.

[09:53] eLvIs: I was going to ask/tell you about this closer to the day but in light of the Martin Streek news, I thought this could be appropriate. Christy's uncle is currently riding across Canada on his bicycle to raise awareness about Mental Health. Would you be interested in posting about him?
[09:53] eLvIs: He arrives in Toronto for a rally on the 17th.
[09:54] eLvIs:
[09:54] eLvIs:

Elvis' wife's uncle, Mel Thompson, is doing something to help those living with mental illness.  His bike ride across Canada hits our fair city on July 17th.  Come out and support him and this worthy cause if you can.

Friday, July 17, 2009
Toronto Pep Rally (12pm-2pm)
Come out and support Mel Thompson, Vice President, Customer Services, as he embarks on the final leg of The Ride for Mental Health, Nathan Phillips Square has hosted many remarkable events since its inception. Let’s make this one for the record books.
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