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Martin Streek's Unseen Demo for Martin Streek's Backstage


I'm still stunned that Martin Streek left us this early when there were so many other options available to him.  It's a tragic story that really hits me, because I spent hundreds of nights listening to him on the Thursday 30 and his Live to Air broadcasts on CFNY 102.1 / The Edge.  Furthermore, the world's collide all over the place with this one.  I broke the sad news last night and have many friends who knew Martin personally and are mourning his loss in a far more personal way.

I was scheduled to meet up with Mike Wixson tonight.  Mike worked with Martin, and now works with my good friend Humble Howard at RedFishEntertainment, producing his Man Up Canada game show.  I was going to meet with Mike about some Man Up Canada web stuff when he cancelled because, as you can imagine, he's shattered.

Mike and I were exchanging emails this morning when he sent me this recent tid bit about Martin Streek that will likely be news to everybody.

We had just finished a pilot for a new show called Martin Streek's Backstage...he was brilliant. It was going to be popular and he would never have had to look back on radio. He was made for TV. I have a demo you need to see. He was headed toward a TV career at 1000 miles an hour.

Here's Martin Streek's demo for Martin Streek's Backstage, a show we'll never get to see developed.  In this great clip, he's interviewing USS.

He looked and sounded great, didn't he?

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