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Joe Strummer and The Mescaleros' Redemption Song for Martin Streek


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Joe Strummer and The Mescaleros - Redemption Song
Martin Streek's death has me feeling so sad.  The world can mourn the King of Pop, I'm mourning the loss of a person I felt I knew, even though I doubt he knew my name.

On Monday night I wrote this, but it's the entry about Martin that I wrote back on May 18 that's on my mind...

I listened to CFNY (Edge 102) throughout the 90s. It was my favourite radio station, not just for the tunes but for the personalities. I can't remember a time at 102 before Martin Streek.
Martin Streek, if you're out there, let us know where you're at. You've been a familiar voice over Toronto airwaves for about 20 years and you'll be missed.

I remember writing that "let us know where you're at" line.  I originally typed "let us know you're okay". I changed the sentence, thinking to myself that he's just lost his job, he hadn't died.

This city seems far less cool today than it did only a few days ago.  Martin was so damn cool.  He looked cool, he sounded cool, he promoted cool music and was always doing cool things.  I wanted to be Martin Streek.

I'm assured a big public event in honour of Martin is being planned by those who knew him best.  This city needs to assemble and do what he'd want us to do: arrive early and stay late.  I'm sure we'll play this song.  For Martin.

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