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Raptors Sign Hedo Turkoglu


The Toronto Raptors have confirmed their acquisition of forward Hedo Turkoglu.  This is likely the most significant free agent addition in the team's history, and it's no coincidence Turkoglu is a non-American.

Turkoglu's agent Lon Babby said the player and his wife Banu were intrigued by Toronto's ethnic diversity, including a large Turkish community.  Turkoglu joins Andrea Bargnani, José Calderón, Pops Mensah-Bonsu and Roko Ukić as non-Americans on our roster.

Toronto, a cultural mosaic with a diverse populous, has little trouble attracting players like Turkoglu.  It's the Americans who would rather play elsewhere.

Welcome to Toronto, Hedo.  Sadece bebeğim kazanın!

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