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Who Are These AFI Fans?


I'm going to Edgefest 2009 at Downsview Park this Saturday.  My pal has hooked me up with tickets and I like enough of the bands that I think it'll be a great day and night of music outdoors.

Here's the bands and set times for the main stage:

1:30pm - Arkells
2:20pm - The Stills
3:10pm - K-OS
4:10pm - Metric
5:40pm - Alexisonfire
7:10pm - AFI
8:50pm - Billy Talent

That's cool, I like all of those bands, although I'm not the world's biggest Alexisonfire guy, preferring City and Colour, but I don't understand the allure of the 2nd last band playing.  How did AFI get so big and who are these AFI fans who have them playing at 7:10?

I'd give AFI the 3:10 spot and bump up everybody else.  Of course, I'd also put Metric on 2nd last.  I love Metric.

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