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Play Them Off, Keyboard Cat


Keyboard Cat's been with us for a while now, but I'm still enjoying Keyboard Cat vids on YouTube.

Here's a fantastic Keyboard Cat clip with some Helen Hunt after school special followed by a Hall and Oates video.  It's surreal, you have to watch this to get it.

That got me wondering what the most viewed Keyboard Cat videos were on YouTube.  Number one, not surprisingly, is Charles Schmidt's original video "Cool Cat".

Up next is Keyboard Cat playing off a guy on a treadmill.

Then there's Play Haley Off, Keyboard Cat, which is too good to be true.

Then there's our old friend Miss South Carolina getting played off by Keyboard Cat.

And finally, there's Michael being told Christmas is cancelled.  Play him off, Keyboard Cat.

Can someone please have Keyboard Cat play off Kerry Fraser?  DGB, I'm looking at you.

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