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The Leafs Are The Best: Song + Video = AWESOME!


I'm toggling between both game sevens.  Carolina is leading Boston and Detroit just beat Anaheim.  The Leafs haven't been seen in over a month, so naturally I'm singing along to "The Leafs Are The Best".

In the early 90s, when Pat Burns was behind the bench, Wendel Clark was wearing the C and Doug Gilmour was setting up Dave Andreychuk, the Leafs recorded this novelty song and filmed this awesome video.  I rediscovered it today when @DownGoesBrown dropped the link in a tweet.

He says it's the greatest thing in the history of the Internet.  I'd take that one step further.  I'd say this is the greatest thing in the history of the world.

The Leafs Are The Best!!!!1!!1!

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