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The Dark Knight Still Eludes Me


It's May 2009.  Right now.  That calendar thingy in the corner of my laptop says it's May 8, 2009.

A year ago, I was anticipating the release of The Dark Knight.  Here's my entry in which I get all excited about it.  The buzz was off the hizzle, I was already a Batman fan and it was Heath Ledger's final film.  The movie was set to open in July and I was ready.

I planned to see it in August.  I didn't feel like dealing with the massive July crowds.  I'd score babysitting for a night in August and we'd catch the film of the year on the big screen.

It's May 2009, and I still haven't seen The Dark Knight.  Amazing reviews, assurances from everyone I trust that I'll love it and a rise to #2 on the all-time box office chart wasn't enough to make it happen.

I really want to see it.

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