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Roy Halladay: He Deserves More Credit


I have a man crush on Roy Halladay.  Yeah, I'd have a bromance with him.  Every once in a while I get overwhelmed by this crush and I write about Roy.  Here's one such example from last summer.

Tonight, Roy Halladay is on the mound as we face A. J. Burnett and the big bad Yankees.  I'll miss the game, playing a couple of games of my own, but I'll be there in spirit.  I'd love to see Halladay school A.J. once more.

I like to think we know what we have here in Toronto with Roy Halladay.  He still deserves more local credit for what he's done and what he is, and I know he deserves a whole lot more credit in the rest of the majors.  Imagine if Roy played for the pinstripes.

Here's a great entry about Roy from the Stat of the Day blog.  It came across my RSS reader yesterday and I had to share it.  Go Jays Go!

Roy Halladay doesn’t get half the credit he deserves as one of the best active pitchers.
Among active pitchers, he’s got the 3rd-best career winning percentage, behind just Johan Santana and the (sort of still active) Pedro Martinez.
He’s one of just 8 active pitchers with multiple 20-win seasons, or 6 such pitchers if you dont’ count Tom Glavine or Pedro.
And get this: he ranks only 28th among active pitchers in games started, and yet ranks 6th in shutouts, 6th in complete games, and 15th in wins.
What hurts Halladay (no pun intended) are his injuries and playing for a lower-profile Canadian team. The Blue Jays haven’t made the post-season since 1993, well before Halladay’s time, and he’s made more than 21 starts in a season only 6 times in 12 seasons, although he’s made more than 30 each of the last 3 full years.
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