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Joe Gets No Respect


I just read an interesting article about Joe Carter.

The former Toronto slugger said baseball fans and historians rank his Game 6, bottom-of-the-ninth, three-run homer off Philadelphia closer Mitch Williams below moments such as Kirk Gibson's pinch-hit homer off Dennis Eckersley in Game 1 of the 1988 World Series.
Highlights of big home runs by Bill Mazeroski and Bobby Thomson often get shown far more than Carter's shot, too.
"Mine, it will make the top 10 but it's never No. 1, it's never been No. 2, it's always been in the middle of the pack," Carter said Thursday. "Had it been for the Yankees or the Dodgers, then I think it would have been No. 1. But because it was in Toronto, it has not gotten the respect that I think it really should deserve."

Just last June I wrote about Joe's homer ranking 7th on the Best Damn Sports Show Period's most memorable baseball plays.

This play is better than 7th.  It oughta be #1.

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