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TwitterFox vs. TweetDeck vs. Twhirl


If you tweet and / or follow people of Twitter, you're likely not doing it at  Few power users ever see their own Twitter backgrounds because it's far more convenient to tweet and follow people on Twitter via 3rd party apps.

I've tried three such methods: Twhirl, TweetDeck and TwitterFox.  The first two are stand alone applications that you install on your PC while the last one is an add-on for Firefox.  For my purposes, it's TwitterFox that has won this battle royale.

Just about everything I do for work and play happens in the browser.  Until Chrome has all the add-ons I've become dependent on, I'm a hardcore Firefox user, and have been for five years now.  TwitterFox lives in Firefox and enables me to follow and tweet without disrupting my normal processes.  It's ubiquitous.  Twhirl and TweetDeck are both great apps, but I'm happiest with TwitterFox.

Here's a cap of my TwitterFox in action.

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