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Ticketmaster and TicketsNow Bullshit


I got so pissed off at Ticketmaster after buying Hip tickets through them in 2004 that I secured the #1 spot in Google for I hate Ticketmaster searches.  The way they gouge us is criminal, but this recent TicketNow nonsense is total bullshit.

If you haven't heard...

There was a flurry of political activity in the United States yesterday after scores of New Jersey residents said they were unable to buy tickets to Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band online from, the exclusive agent, and were redirected to another site owned by Ticketmaster,, where prices were several times the original face value.

Here in Toronto, Springsteen fans are anxiously awaiting noon tomorrow, when tickets for the May 7 Springsteen concert at the Air Canada Centre go on sale.  But get this, tickets for the show have already appeared at TicketsNow.  Clearly Ticketmaster is taking hot tickets and switching them to their scalper site so they can mark-up the price even further, keeping all additional profits for themselves.

If I thought the gouging was bad in 2004, the Canadian Press reported last month that some tickets for a recent Killers concert here in Toronto, originally priced at $44, were resold on TicketsNow for as much as $1,999.

I hate Ticketmaster.

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