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Rogers on Demand 300


I've been coughing up coin on a monthly basis to Rogers so I can get TMN and Rogers on Demand.  I've been doing this for years.  You can blame The Sopranos.

A few months ago, Mike, a reader of this blog, let me know about channel 300.  I've always watched movies and cable shows On Demand on channel 308, but I didn't realize there was free stuff on channel 300.  I assumed that was all pay-per-view, something I have no interest in.

Rogers On Demand is now how I watch The Office and 30 Rock, two shows I always seemed to miss when they air.  If you're PVR-less, like me, and you already have a digital terminal from Rogers, you might want to check out the free shows available on demand on channel 300.

This message was not brought to you by Rogers...

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