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Guess Who's Married Thirteen Years Today?


I like my marriage more and more with every year that passes.  Today is my 13th wedding anniversary and I don't even want to think about a life without my wife.  Seriously, I'm so blessed I'm practically embarrassed.

My wedding was unusual.  I shared the story five years ago.

We both had classes that chilly Toronto afternoon, but we had an appointment we couldn't miss. Ten days earlier, while chatting on the phone with my twenty year old girlfriend of less than eight months, the topic of marriage came up. "We should just do it now", one of us suggested. The next morning we met at Ossington Station and got our marriage license at New City Hall for $53. The next stop was Old City Hall where we booked a time with the Justice of the Peace to get hitched. The cost was another $53 and the next available time was 2:00pm on January 15th. We took it and never looked back.

I'm well aware it could have been a disaster.  I guess I just got lucky.  I love ya poops. Happy Anniversary.

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