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Edward Henderson, 1919 - 2009


Edward Henderson was my wife's grandfather.  Earlier this week, she received word from British Columbia that he had passed away in his 90th year.

I only met Ed a few times but I knew he was reading every word I typed on this blog.  Part of Ed's daily ritual was a visit to and I'm told he felt it kept him in touch with our family, even though we were separated by thousands of kilometres.  When calls came for my wife from out west, she'd be asked to tell me that Ed loves the blog.

I spoke to my wife's grandmother the day we learnt Ed had passed.  She asked that I write about him here.  I said I would, but I knew Ed was a navy man and I didn't want to write about him until I had more details as to the ships he served on.  Then, earlier today, I received this note from White Rock, BC.

Dad joined the Navy (RCNV) on July 12.1940 in Saskatoon.  The ships he served on were the British Battleship Royal Sovereign, and Canadian ships The Pas and La Salle. He was discharged in Saskatoon in 1945.

Ed Henderson was much loved by his family and will be sorely missed.  Rest in peace, Ed.

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