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The Best Album of 2008


I first wrote about Feed the Animals, the fourth album by Girl Talk, back in September.  Feed the Animals is one massive mash-up of dozens and dozens of sampled songs, an orgy of tunes you know and love.

As you can imagine, this isn't an album that could ever be released legally.  Think of it as illegal art and go to to pay what you want for the 14 songs.  I suggest you grab it right away, because it's by far the best album I heard in 2008 and it's got a permanent spot on my iPod.

There are 322 samples in all.  Here's the list courtesy of Waxy.

Here's the Wikipedia page for Feed the Animals which breaks it all down for ya.  I've been spinning this thing for four months and I still love it.  When a song features Roy Orbison, Nirvana, Deee-Lite, INXS and the Beach Boys side-by-side, you really can't lose.

Best album of 2008.

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