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November 2008 Organic Keywords

Search Strings

According to Google Analytics, here are the top ten keywords that brought people to this site in November 2008.

Aisha Ibrahim Duhulow was the young Somali Republic girl stoned to death, according to Amnesty International and Somalia media.  I wrote about her and to this day I'm in the top five results for her name in Google.

This was an international story, and although visits from the United States still dominated this search, Malaysia, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Brazil, Germany, Australia, Sweden, Hong Kong SAR China  and Spain each had significant slices of the pie.  By comparison, 99% of visitors who Googled wedding songs live in Canada.

  1. aisha ibrahim duhulow
  2. wedding songs
  3. edmonton meteor
  4. christmas playlist
  5. big shiny tunes 5
  6. george carlin quotes
  7. hockey songs
  8. prima tv
  9. wedding songs 2008
  10. kenny maclean
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