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Has It Been 5 Years?


Has it really been five years since I bitched about local radio stations playing holiday music 24/7?  I reference that entry today because that's the entry in which somebody in the guise of "Nobody" started his or her own blog of sorts.

I haven't heard from "Nobody" since April 16, 2008, but others are now searching for Toronto stations playing Christmas music and finding that five year old entry.

First there was Santa Claus himself, on November 14.

Mike, Mike, Mike...
Your a naughty little boy for complaining and calling this radio stations "crap" for playing Christmas music 24/7 for the next month.
Considering that it is only once a year and actually helps people look forward to such a special time. You really have nothing to complain about.
There are plenty of other radio stations that actually play real "crap" or apparently your type of music. So you are welcome to turn the knob that way.
So please stop being such a Scrooge and try and be a nicer boy between now and Christmas, otherwise Santa will not visit you this year. Ho..Ho...Ho

Then, on November 23...

WHEN are they going to start this year? I was excited last weekend I found all Christmas for 2 days - but can't find the 24/7 station yet...MIKE don't you know there is a cult like following of the Christmas spirit - I'm the lead cheer elf.

Followed by Dannie on November 25...

i cant wait to hear all the christmas music
please dont let the scrooges stop you from playing them for the holidays.
Its once a year, is it that bad to have a month or so of xmas music??????if u dont like it then dont turn it on!SIMPLE AS THAT..DEAL WITH IT!

And then yesterday...

You're a goof... Merry Christmas to you too.... deal with it! It's all about getting into the spirit of things..

Mamas, don't let your sons grow up to be bloggers.

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