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As I watch the Leafs play New Jersey, I realize I missed the first Raptors game of the 2008/2009 season. I've been a big Raptors fan since day one, but during the winter they're the second best game in town.  That's pretty unfair to the Raps, who have a nice team and might even win a playoff round this season, whilst the Leafers shouldn't get a sniff at the playoffs.  But the Raps knew the score when they showed up 13 years ago.

As the Raptors season tips off, I just wanted to throw down a couple of Raptors notes. Firstly, I wanted to promote Doug Smith's Toronto Raptors Blog.  Smith writes for the Toronto Star and has been covering Raptors basketball since our inaugural season, and I look to him for analysis and insight.  His blog is interesting and informative, and I see he even live blogged tonight's game.  If you like the Raps, subscribe to

Secondly, I thought I'd let you in on something cool Google does when you search for raptors.  The first result is the box score from the most recent game, and the opponent and date of the next game.  Soon I'll be Googling where I left my keys.

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