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How to Kick Ass on Apple Day


Today is Apple Day.  If you have a son in Beavers, Cubs, Scouts or any other sect of Scouts Canada, you know what Apple Day is.  Heck, if you yourself were ever a Beaver, Cub or Scout, of if you've been asked to donate to Scouts Canada by some young boy wearing a uniform, you know what Apple Day is.

As the father of a Beaver, and a former Beaver, I understand it's my job to ensure my son sucks as many coins out of your pockets as possible on this day.  We just completed our shift at the local Loblaws, and we killed.  Here are the secrets to our success.

Give the Basket a Little Flash

Beavers are supposed to decorate their baskets that will hold the apples you're buying.  Just prior to going out, I like to grab the roll of tin foil and slap it on our basket, giving it a nice shine.  This literally takes seconds and requires absolutely no artistic ability.  And trust me, it attracts the big fish.

The Younger and Cuter, the Better

The younger and cuter the Beaver, the better he'll do on Apple Day.  The moms and grandmas out there can't resist a youngin' begging for change.  If your six year old looks more like a gangly pre-teen as mine does, see the point below.

Look Helpless

Teach your Beaver to look sweet and innocent and just a little helpless.  Bat those eyes! Slip in a little baby talk! Look as young as you can!

Seek Traffic

When filling those tins with loonies and toonies, all of the above won't help if you don't have traffic.  The more people you pitch too, the better you'll do.  The entrance of a popular grocery store on a Saturday is ideal, and remember, you'll do better with those exiting the store than you'll do with those entering.  In fact, if you've found a particularly busy place, make sure more than one Beaver is at the post.  Many will want to donate to both for fear of hurting ones feelings.

The double dip is a the holy grail of Apple Day.

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