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Don't Forget the Reality Check


I attended a lovely wedding in Jordan, Ontario yesterday. I had never heard of Jordan, so on Friday afternoon I hit Google after learning  I was supposed to be at Cave Springs Vineyard for the wedding at 4pm.

I Googled the vineyard and found the "how to find us" page on the Cave Spring Cellars official page.  Then, I copied the address and pasted it into the destination field on Google Maps.  Google Maps threw down direction that would get me there in 1 hour and 11 minutes, and I printed the directions and threw them in the car.

I've highlighted the line that threw me.  The locals will understand how I ended up going the wrong way.  The QEW and 403 are the same highway for a stretch, and then one goes toward Niagara and the other goes toward London.  The instructions clearly said to merge onto HWY-403W, so that's exactly what I did, like a good Google soldier.  Of course, when I hit Brantford, home of Wayne Gretzky, my spidey senses kicked in and told me I was off course.

I missed the 4pm wedding, but I was early for the 5pm reception.  Next time, I'll print the map along with the directions.

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