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Pat Borders: MVP, Baby!

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I'm featuring 1988 Topps Cards featuring members of my beloved Blue Jays that are featured on this blog.

In an effort to preserve brain cells, here's what I once wrote about Pat Borders in June of 2006.

Pat Borders has finally retired at the age of 43. That means Mike Timlin is the only active player to have played in a World Series game for the Toronto Blue Jays. Timlin is 40 years old and 3-0 for the Boston Red Sox thus far in 2006.
Borders was always a personal favourite. I remember listening to his first career at-bat on the radio which was either a double, triple or home run, I can't recall. I do recall Jerry Howarth referring to him as the future with enormous potential. Always a decent contributor, Borders had a series for the ages against the Atlanta Braves in 1992, batting .450 and earning a permanent spot in the hearts of every Jays fan by winning the MVP award.
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